Spanish Home Office tips to avoid risks


The Spanish Home Office has created a list of tips to help people avoid being crime victims.

The first tip is to always keep an eye on children to avoid losing them in busy areas and to write a parent’s mobile phone number on their arm or attach it to their clothes.

Extra police and security forces will be out and about in busy areas over the holiday period and will be looking out for lost children, among other things.


Busy shopping streets and centres are the perfect setting for pickpockets and thieves, the Home Office warns.

Citizens are advised to stay alert and make sure possessions are not easy to grab, take extra care when using cash machines, avoid carrying all money in the same place, don’t accept help from strangers and pay special attention to raffle tickets in case they are false.

Regarding shopping, those who buy over the internet are warned to check they have been charged the correct amount, keep all receipts and payment slips and make sure pages are safe before giving personal details.

Travellers are reminded not to broadcast their plans to be away from home on social websites such as Facebook or Twitter, make sure they lock up well upon leaving home and ask a trusted friend or neighbour to collect post.

Finally the tips advise people not to open their doors to strangers and to call the police and not enter if they get home and find their door open or someone inside the house.


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