Modern book business pushes forward


MANY businessmen and women, especially those in retirement, have acquired much knowledge and expertise over the years. This reservoir of experience is invaluable to newcomers whose business experience leaves much to be desired. Why not publish your advice so others can benefit from it?

Most of us recall periodicals like the Exchange and Mart. In its Business Section, one would find books and booklets promising riches by purchasing advisory books. Much of it was ‘How to be a Millionaire in 12 Months’ pie in the sky promises. In fairness, there were many booklet gems from which I, and I am sure many others, benefited.

By buying such help books and booklets I found my business ventures were less hassle and more profitable.  Each time I forked out £4.95 or whatever, I received returns with bells on, thank you very much.


Self-publishing business tutors back then had little choice but to invest in the considerable upfront costs of printing and distributing their booklets. A minimum book order might be 1,000 for which one had to wait months for delivery. If the books failed to sell then that was their problem.

Self-publishing is so much easier now. After the book has been written, assisted by an editor cum ghost-writer if necessary, the laptop completes the preparation. When my books are ready I sell them through Amazon and Amazon Kindle.

I complete the online process, which takes an hour or so. Within 24-hours I quickly check the proof and my book is immediately on sale throughout the world. I receive royalties each month. 

It sounds easy enough and for those who can, like everything else, it is easy.  Self-publishing has shown remarkable progress. It makes it easier than ever for those retired to pass their experiences on to newcomers. The books ordered online are printed to order and posted direct to buyer. No stock to carry and costly mailing is ducked. Amazon does it all all. Times have indeed changed.


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