How to survive the party season, while still holding it together at work


‘TIS the season for many late nights out – as our calendars fill up with work parties, holiday get-togethers, happy hours and New Year and Three Kings festivities.

It’s all go in December and January and oh so much fun at the time, but the chances are that at least one morning you’ll wake up with a throbbing headache, an aching stomach and a deep desire to hide in bed all day and sleep off that horrible hangover.

But unfortunately for you and festive mid-week drinking – it’s a workday. So what can you do?



It is so tempting to pass on exercise when the world is still spinning once you wake up, but a 30-minute run or an active yoga class is the best thing you can do for your aching body.

Sweating out all those beers and cocktails is what will actually help you to feel human again. Ramping up your heart rate will help jump-start your metabolism, making you feel better faster.


Remember this. Drink a glass of water between alcoholic drinks while out celebrating, as this will keep you hydrated and will also slow you down on consuming too much booze.

Start drinking water the moment you get up too, and then don’t stop – fluids are the key to counteracting your alcohol-induced dehydration.


Even though your stomach may be in knots getting a good breakfast in is vital. As appetising as greasy bacon and sausages may be to some, a fatty breakfast is not always the best option, as it can irritate your stomach and lead to nausea.

Cook up some eggs instead, which are a good source of protein. Served with some toast, this should get you through a difficult morning at the office.


Try to take the attention away from your puffy red eyes and killer alcohol breath by scrubbing up nice for work.

Have an extra long shower to get rid of the booze and cigarette stench.

Although you may be tempted to get into all black and throw your hair in a ponytail – to draw attention away from you, brighten up your appearance with a nice skirt or colourful jumper. Cheery clothes will help downplay the lack of sleep and dehydration that’s likely showing in your face.


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