Happy Christmas to gardeners everywhere


HOW fast the gardening and social years go round and earlier writing deadlines creep up on one.

Am writing this early morning with a fusty head as only came out of hospital last evening after a rough week and health scare. Somehow half the words get typed looking like Latin plant botanical names, but let’s persevere.

First, Christmas Wishes to our friendly EWN team, who have been keeping the compiling of the EWN running smoothly this week, plus all readers whether seasoned or newcomer gardeners. Fortunately, temperatures are keeping warm and little rain is forecast at the time of writing, so Christmas Day can start with a leisurely beach or country walk followed by tostadas coated with tomato, garlic and olive oil, and a festive coffee and brandy.


Over lunch let’s raise a glass to those readers in hospital over Christmas. Having just survived five days of a modern prison- like environment with no thought for the mental and motivational sides of survival and recovery, I would like to raise a Christmas challenge.

I experienced kilometres of bare white walls and ceilings with black speckled floors. Many windows were difficult to look through, but where you could see out, there were large areas of lower stone chipping covered flat roofs and bare patio areas just waiting to be brightened up to cheer staff, patients and visitors.

How wonderful it would be if the many expat gardening, sculpture, painting, photography or tapestry clubs, often coordinated within the umbrella of local U3A groups, organised to offer to install and maintain such things as the following, as a united Mediterranean Christmas present.

Low maintenance patio and rooftop gardens

I am reminded of the cacti and succulent gardens on the flat roofs of the Hotel Reina Isabel in La Palma Gran Canaria.

Temporary or permanent exhibitions of colourful sculptures on the patios, rooftops or in waiting rooms. Exhibitions of paintings and photographs in public areas and corridors.

I thought that most readers would not be ready to think about garden-related New Year resolutions so will hold them back until next week. 

© Dick Handscombe


December 2014


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