Andalucian doctors move for better conditions


ALMOST 400 Andalucian doctors decided to pack their cases and leave the country this year.

A report from the General Board of Spanish Colleges of Doctors (Cgcom) has shown that a total of 338 certificates were issued to doctors from Andalucia intending to seek work abroad, a reduction of 9.3 per cent compared to figures for 2013.

Yet the head of Andalucian Medical Union SMA explained that the reason for the reduction was simply that doctors were moving to different parts of Spain rather than heading overseas.


Rico explained that working conditions for doctors in Andalucia were still bad and many were also given part-time contracts.

Although the basic monthly wage for doctors nationwide is a standard amount of €1,050, different extras and bonuses are applied depending on the province. While doctors working extra shifts in Andalucia are paid €9 per hour, those in Murcia earn €11 per hour.

The SMA declared that most of the doctors who leave Andalucia head for Madrid and Castilla La Mancha as full-time contracts and better pay are available there.

Preferred destinations for Spanish doctors who do decide to move overseas are the UK, followed by France and Germany.



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