The Smurfs’ Spanish invasion

Photo: Nukamari
FAMOUS SMURF TOWN: Juzcar in Andalucia.

SPAIN is to get its second Smurf-themed town.

The Andalucian village of Juzcar is already known around the world for its bright blue houses, painted as a publicity stunt for The Smurfs in 3D movie in 2011. Villagers decided to keep the blue paint instead of reverting back to being a typical ‘pueblo blanco,’ and as a result the village has attracted more than 200,000 tourists with its unique colour scheme.

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Now, the city of Lleida is set to become home to the world’s first Smurf theme park. Lleida Town Hall has announced that the establishment of the €47 million park is expected to attract revenues of around €14 million in its first year.

The Smurfs – known as ‘pitufos’ in Spain – are a favourite with Spanish kids and the theme park is aimed at families with children aged between two and 12, according to Spanish daily 20 minutos. The Smurfs are a Belgian creation and have spawned cartoon series, toys, movies and video games.


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