Hampers for Arboleas families

Photograph attached courtesy of Cecilia Garcia Molina - From Left To Right - Amanda Maunders (FACE Secretary), Adele Wrigglesworth (FACE President) Cecilia Molina Verdu and Sue Pearce (FACE Treasurer).

FACE (Fundraising in Arboleas, Caring for Everyone) completed its Christmas schedule by donating Christmas hampers to 18 of the most disadvantaged families in Arboleas. 

In addition to the hampers, if there were children in the family under the age of 16, suitable presents of toys or other gifts were also presented. The whole operation was co-ordinated by local pharmacist Cecilia Molina Verdu.

Although FACE has donated hampers to the less well-off families in Arboleas before at both Christmas and Easter, this is the first time it has tried to bring a little Christmas cheer to the younger members of the family. 


For further information about FACE please ring Adele Wrigglesworth on telephone number 667 255 094, look at the FACE website at www.face-charity.com or check out the FACE charity page on Facebook.  


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