How to look after your car’s battery this winter, with Mallorca Batteries

BATTERIES AND MORE: The team use the latest testing technology.

AS the nights have drawn in and with the onset of winter weather just around the corner, now is the time to check your battery to prevent that starting problem either first thing taking children to school or at the end of a hard day going home.

With the higher temperatures during the summer months batteries produce more power, but discharge quicker. As temperatures fall so does the power output of your battery. This combination of temperature change and accelerated discharge means your battery will be starting the winter at a disadvantage.

Also take into account the fact that we drive our vehicles less, the vehicle charging system has little opportunity to recover the power lost through short, start and stop journeys.


It may surprise you to know that recent surveys found 50 per cent of all vehicles entering a workshop for repair or service had a flat battery!

This is where the battery voltage has discharged to below 12.4v, and suffers the impact of ‘sulphation’. The simple way to remedy this is to charge your battery at regular intervals, every six months will be sufficient. This will ensure your battery remains in a healthy, charged condition, and will perform and last for much longer.

The battery is the ‘heart’ of every vehicle, yet it remains one of the most neglected components. No matter how well you clean or service your vehicle, if you fail to maintain your battery, it will eventually let you down… sooner than you expect.

Mallorca Batteries offer an extensive range of batteries, but that’s not all. The key to our success is in our ability to resolve our customers’ problems.

We use the very latest industry battery and  electrical system testing technologies, so you not only get the right battery meeting your needs but we ensure your vehicle’s charging and starting system receive a health check too.

Why not ask your garage the next time you book a service, whether they have tested your battery, and what they can tell you about its condition?

We offer a range of smart consumer chargers, and can also perform a diagnostic test on your battery. Why not give us a call, even if just to find out how you can protect your battery this winter.

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