Tourism in numbers

Angela Llop on flickr

SPAIN received 61.7 million tourists between January and November of 2014.

It’s an all-time record, which translated into a 7.2 per cent increase when compared with the same period last year.

In November alone more than three million tourists arrived in the country, according to the data provided by the Frontier Tourist Movements (Frontur) report.


Arrivals of British citizens have increased by 4.9 per cent (14.38 million tourists) and German citizens’ visits have also gone up by 6 per cent.

The most visited destination was Catalonia, with a 25.8 per cent of visits (one out of four) and 15.95 million tourists.

However, Russian tourism registered a negative trend, falling by 32.6 per cent.

In total, a 79.8 per cent of tourists arrived in the country by plane and 18.3 by road. 


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