El Gordo Christmas lottery

Cordon Press

FIRST prize in this year’s El Gordo Christmas Lottery went to number 13,437 with €400,000 to be paid out per ticket.

Most of the tickets were sold in Madrid’s Calle Zurbano. Workers from El Mentidero de la Villa restaurant opposite the ticket sales office rushed out to celebrate after the number was called, as they had bought 15 tickets between them and will therefore each receive €150,000.

One of the workers, Jaime, a 52-year-old from Bolivia, had been thinking of going back to Bolivia in a few weeks for an operation. He’s been living in Spain for eight years and all his family including his two children are back in Bolivia.


Antonio and Manoli explained that they had been buying the same number for 40 years as Antonio’s father won a prize with that number during the Civil War.

The winning number was called at 1pm, the latest in the day that the Gordo first prize has been called this century. The number was called by Ismael Rastrelli and Janna Flores.

First prize tickets were also sold in Cadiz, Murcia, Leon, Lanzarote and Caceres.


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