Axarquia’s archaeology on TV

Maria Dolores Simón

FRIGILIANA’S archaeological history is to be the subject of a nationwide television show.

The Archaeological Museum of Frigiliana, Axarquia, has been chosen as the setting for an episode of popular TV show La Aventura del Saber (The Adventure of Knowledge) on La 2.

The report will be included in a section titled ‘The time tunnel,’ featuring head of the museum, Maria Dolores Simon (pictured), who will show the archaeological remains found in Cerrillo de las Sombras, and explain the history of the funeral urns and ornaments found at this location. 


Velez-Malaga was also visited by the television crew as it is one of the key points of Spanish Phoenician history in Axarquia. Their integration, coexistence and union with the indigenous population will be featured, using Velez-Malaga and Frigiliana as the setting due to the many Phoenician remains found there.

La Aventura del Saber has been on air for the past 22 years on the second national channel, and is one of the longest-standing shows in the history of Spanish television.

The episode featuring the town’s heritage is due to be broadcast in April of 2015. 


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