Almeria police work to keep roads safe


ALMERIA drivers may notice more police checkpoints than usual this week as the December minor road control campaign coincides with the beginning of a special Christmas surveillance operation.

Andres Garcia Lorca, deputy delegate of the Spanish Government for Almeria, and Jose Maria Mendez, provincial head of the traffic department, explained during a visit to a checkpoint that Guardia Civil traffic officers were already working to ensure everyone gets home safely this Christmas.

Garcia Lorca said that about 210,000 drivers were expected to make long-distance journeys passing through Almeria over the holiday period and asked drivers to take extra care behind the wheel.


Regarding the minor road campaign, Garcia Lorca stressed that it would target speed, alcohol, drugs and driver and vehicle documents.

The campaign is focusing on smaller roads as approximately 80 per cent of road deaths in 2014 happened on them.

The 2014-2015 Christmas road surveillance campaign will have three phases; the first lasting up until Christmas Day, the second from Boxing Day to New Year’s Day and the last from January 2-6.

Mendez said that the busiest areas over the festive period were expected to be roads into Almeria city, especially the N-340a and the Roquetas exit from the A-7.



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