Seabed rubbish dump cleanup

VILLAJOYOSA: Divers regard part of their haul

VOLUNTEERS from Villajoyosa Yacht Club’s underwater activities section have cleared 200 kilos of rubbish from the seabed.

They were assisted by the Buceo Trasub centre and the council’s Beaches department, both of which are collaborating with the Yacht Club’s marine conservation initiatives.  

The club’s principal aim is to raise awareness amongst everybody whose leisure pursuits, hobbies or work brings them into contact with the sea.


By the end of the cleanup at the first jetty in the club’s Zone E the divers had brought up 200 kilos of rubbish, including two 1,000-litre containers which took 45 minutes to bring to the surface.  As in previous operations, plastics made up the bulk of the refuse, along with the usual haul of drinks’ cans, rubber tyres and bottles.

They also found a number of abandoned creels containing fish and octopus. A spokesperson for the Yacht Club said afterwards that the discarded traps were ensnaring marine life for no purpose.



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