Princesses sign Christmas card

Casa del Rey
The Royal couple and Princesses Leonor and Sofia send their best wishes this Christmas

ROYAL princesses Leonor and Sofia have signed their first official Christmas card as Leonor, Princess of Asturias, and Sofia, Infanta of Spain.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia chose two pictures taken on the day of their coronation for this year’s official Christmas card from the Royal Household.

While the front of the card sports a picture of the royal couple waving from a balcony of the Royal Palace, a family photo with their daughters is placed inside opposite a handwritten message and signatures from the king and queen and both princesses.


In the message, King Felipe and Queen Letizia express their desire for Christmas hope and goodwill to outlast the festive days.

Novelties this year include the red colour of the card and the addition of the letter R after the king and queen’s signatures.

Meanwhile, the king’s parents King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia chose a work of art for their Christmas card. The Adoration of the Magicians by Lucas Jordan is depicted on a card from which the letter R after the signatures has disappeared as they no longer reign. 


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