‘Expats vital to Costa del Sol’

CLLR JOSE LUIS HERNANDEZ: Calling on expats to register

MARBELLA’S councillor for Tourism and Foreign Residents has echoed the mayor’s call for expats to register on the ‘padron’ and help make the city a better place for all.

Councillor Jose Luis Hernandez reiterated Mayor Angeles Muñoz’s comments in last week’s Euro Weekly News – that expats should have their say in local elections – and has stressed his personal belief that the expat community on the Costa del Sol is extremely important to the future of the region.

“The big problem we have at the moment is that so many expats have integrated perfectly into the community and Spanish society as a whole, but some don’t realise that they also have the right to vote and have a say in the future of their communities,” said Mr Hernandez.


“Expats have contributed greatly towards life in Marbella and the Costa del Sol in general, and are part of what makes the region so special. It is important that they know they play a vital role in the community and are entitled to have their say in political matters.”

He has urged that as many expats as possible register to vote before the deadline on December 30, and has also stressed the importance to the region of registering on the ‘padron’ (town hall register).

“The more people that are registered with the town hall means the more money that Marbella receives from the government,” he said.

“There would be much more available for investment in health services, schools, public works, numbers of taxis, police, and many other important social and economic issues. Expats in our community have the right to make things better, but I believe they have a duty also. The quality of life would be improved for everyone and we will all be contributing to building a better Marbella.”

Mr Hernandez said that his comments are applicable to all municipalities on the Costa del Sol, not just Marbella. “The message we want to get across is to register and to have your say,” he said. “Together we can improve all our communities, which will enrich the area as a whole.”


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