Put stop to seasonal allergic reactions


THE SPANISH Clinical Immunology and Allergy Society (SEAIC) has created a list of advice to avoid the nasty shock of allergies over the Christmas period.

Christmas parties and meals out can often send common sense out the window and allergy sufferers who are usually cautious can often end up having to make unexpected trips to Casualty.

The SEAIC firstly recommends that people with allergies take extra care when out and about as food is sometimes mixed and exact ingredients are often hard to pin down.


In short, if you’re not sure whether something you’re allergic to could be in it, don’t eat it!

The next piece of advice is to pay special attention to labels. Although it may seem obvious, we tend to eat things not usually included in our diets at this time of year and double-checking is a good idea, especially if children with allergies are involved.

Thirdly the society suggests searching for alternative recipes.

A quick search of the internet can provide great ideas for egg, milk, nut and gluten free treats which can come in very useful when entertaining.

Asthma sufferers and people with respiratory allergies should also bear in mind that changes to daily routines can reduce the efficiency of treatments and cold air or smoke can bring on attacks so stay away from smokers and try not to go carol singing on really cold nights.

Finally take care with traditional red poinsettia flowers, although they are almost everywhere in Spain over Christmas.  Contact can result in skin reactions.


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