Sleuth lawyer brings good cheer


A MALAGA lawyer turned sleuth to reunite a woman with a lost ring in a story that brings cheer in the season of goodwill.

While passing Barclays Bank on Calle Larios on her way to work one morning Pilar Lopez spotted a shiny object on the pavement and leaned down to discover a ring.

As she couldn’t see anyone in the area she pocketed the ring and later examined it at her office. But instead of just handing it over to the police as friends advised her, she decided to turn detective to track down the owner, with a little help from Facebook.


She decided it was obviously a well-worn ring presumably with great sentimental value and decided to post a photo on the social networking site asking her friends to help her find the owner.

The photo spread like wildfire and was seen by the owner’s daughter Vanessa.

“She saw it on a friend’s Facebook wall and wrote to me saying that the ring had been given to her mother by her father, who died nine years ago,” Lopez explained.

The two women met and the ring was returned to its rightful owner.

Lopez explained that although her friends told her to turn it over to the police, she believed in magic and was sure she could find the owner.


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