Offended boy makes man clean church


A MALAGA teenager took moral matters into his own hands and convinced an erotic poster placer to do community work by pretending to be a policeman.

The strange crime was discovered when a 29-year-old man presented a document at the Local Police headquarters in Malaga city to prove that he had carried out two days of community work at Purisima Concepcion parish church. Although the report bore official police logos and had been stamped and signed by the parish priest, who even noted that the man had worked excellently, officers on duty soon realised the report was fake.

Investigations began and real policemen were told by the priest that a youth claiming to be a policeman had visited him to explain that a man would be doing community work to purge his sins.


The victim explained that while placing advertisements with erotic content in public two policemen on motorbikes had stopped and told him off for placing the posters but not charged him.

Although he thought that was the end of it, a few days later he started getting calls from a hidden number. He answered the sixth call and was told by a person claiming to be a policeman that he must go to the church and do cleaning and maintenance work to avoid a €1,500 fine.

Police eventually tracked the caller down and arrested a 15-year-old boy, who they suspect was offended at seeing erotic posters close to a church, for pretending to be a policeman and falsifying official documents.


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