100 pines felled to prevent beetle plague

FELLED: worked remove 100 infected trees to prevent spread of pine beetle.

ONE HUNDRED pine trees have been felled in Monte de San Miguel.

The maintenance of the forest area falls into the hands of Orihuela Town Hall which sent 11 farm hands, two members of the Department of Infrastructures team and seven Civil Protection members to cut down the trees affected by the Tomicus Destruens pine beetle.

Councillor for the Environment, Manuel Gallud, said that all pines which were yellow were cut as this indicates a pine infected by the pest in the larval stage. Gallud said that felling of infected pines “does not give total control of the pest because there are still many infected in the mountains, but it will prevent further spread of the pest.”


The wood resulting from the logging pine will be used as firewood.

The councillor explained that in areas where there were brown, dead trees, they will not be cleared as they will not be infected by the plague and leaving them in place will help with future reforestation of the area as it contributes to soil regeneration.


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