There’s a time and a place


SORRY, ladies, as broad-minded as I consider myself to be, in this instance I really feel I must agree with Mr Farage.

I really don’t want to be in a restaurant, contentedly enjoying a little intimate company and sipping a glass of wine, only to have a Mother Earth sitting at the next table suddenly whip out a breast and commence squeezing its contents through the pursed lips of her hungry tot.

As wonderful as this act of nature can be, to my mind there is a time and a place for everything. Although maybe this was the time, I certainly do not consider it the place. In fact, in my opinion it is downright rude. Out of sheer respect for her fellow diners, the mum in question could at least have withdrawn to a more discreet area. No, I’m afraid this lady’s action has a distinctive ring of ‘women’s lib’ about it. To not consider the feelings of her fellow diners, some possibly not so broad-minded or liberalthinking, who could easily be embarrassed by the sight of a bared breast at the adjoining table, is I feel selfpropagating in the extreme. However, before the next mum I meet on the street leaves me writhing on the ground with a slightly higher-pitched voice, I’m only talking about public dining areas. I have no problem on public transport or in parks, etc. For me it just isn’t right in a restaurant. All right, gals?


Yet another ‘big name’ under the sexual abuse periscope again this week. Bill Cosby must now endure Lord knows how long in an agony of indecision, suspicion and possible ruination. I really don’t know if the man is guilty or not, but the one thing that does strike me is the evidence that the young lady he is actually accused of abusing was 15 years old and attending a party at the Playboy mansion. Assuming she wasn’t abducted and taken there against her will, what on earth was she doing at this undoubtedly notorious location in the first place? I dunno, irrespective of the outcome of these high-profile abuse cases, there always seems to be a whiff of jealousy and antagonism toward people who have achieved celebrity status. Still, let’s hope that the truth and subsequent justice will finally prevail in all these cases.

I also advise the celebrity youngsters idolised by their young fans in this present day and age to request ID before making any moves in that direction – or they themselves could be seen fighting for their reputation and freedom in about 50 years’ time.

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Have a good week, dust off the baubles. Here it is again!

Keep the faith Love Leapy [email protected]


  1. The sight of people chewing their food with their mouths wide open, slurping their wine, and then loudly berating a waiter for service also annoys me. Maybe these folks could all go and eat in the privacy of their own home.
    How is breastfeeding in public a liberal issue? You really are acting in total ignorance, and it shows an immature mind that cannot comprehend that a breast can feed a baby at dinner time. Next time, put a blanket over your head so you will not be offended by someone feeding their child. Would you have been offended by someone bottle feeding a baby? No? So act your age, and realise, that feeding a child is normal. And the “grown-ups” need to understand that. Rude? What is rude is your comments. If the other adults in the establishment were offended by the act of a mother feeding her child, then that is rather sad.


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