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Mayor Muñoz.

FOREIGN residents on the Costa del Sol are being urged to register on the ‘padron’ before December 30 in order to have their say in local elections.

The importance of the expat community has been stressed by Marbella Mayor Angeles Muñoz in the run up to the deadline, and she says that registering will not only benefit the community as a whole through the improvement of local services, but that there are also a number of personal advantages too, such as tax benefits.

“It’s very important that the foreign community takes part and many opportunities to do so are available,” explained Mayor Muñoz. “One of the city’s identifying points


is its open-minded, cosmopolitan nature, and the expat contribution is essential to its international character.”

With less than two weeks to go in order to register to vote before the December 30 deadline, foreign residents must be registered with the town hall in order to claim the right to vote.

The coastal city currently has 145,000 residents listed on the padron. Of these, 40,500 are foreign, mainly from the UK, Germany, Morocco and Italy, but the goal is to reach over 150,000 registered residents in order to receive more money from the Spanish government.

Mayor Muñoz said that, “the figures determine the amount of money the town hall receives from the central government,” and that the more residents are registered,  the more money for improving municipal services and infrastructure.

“There are a number of groups for funding; towns with under 20,000 inhabitants, towns with between 20,000 and 50,000, towns with between 100,000 and 150,000, and those with more than 150,000.

“The last group is the one we aim to be in to receive substantial subsidies to enable us to optimise services we offer our citizens.”

Local resident Guy McCrow is currently assisting the town hall to register foreign residents. A recent seminar at Mr McCrow’s establishment, the Beach House Restaurant near Elviria, drew a large crowd of foreign residents to hear about the benefits of joining the padron register.

“I’m assisting the town hall in making contact with expats as we get so many through our restaurant,” said Mr McCrow. “What we need is more people to sign up which will result in more money for the area. It’s a win-win situation.”

According to Mayor Muñoz, the town hall receives around €31 million for the registered 145,000 on the padron. “Improvements to health and education services and infrastructure are directly related to registered inhabitants,” she said.

“This means it’s important to increase the number of people registered.”

She outlined that the advantages of joining the padron include tax benefits as the council subsidises taxes such as the IBI property tax and a number of public services including transport, day centres for the elderly, and activities centres.

To sign on to the padron all you need do is visit your local town hall and let them know. It is done in minutes.

To vote, you must be 18 or over and registered, which can also be done at the town hall or online.


  1. It would have been helpful to detail precisely what paperwork is required to register – every ‘expert’ tells you different things, and many towns seem to want different things! Perhaps this could be clarified by the Mayor.

  2. She needs the money for here 3.1 million euro inheritance tax exempt mortgage! Seriously Marbella is more corrupt now than ever before, we see San Pedro and Estepona investing millions in parks and facilities for residents, yet Marbella which is probably the richest of them all continue to fill its own pockets, she is as corrupt as any other mayor they have had, at least Gil spent some on this beautiful city!


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