Handy Xmas presents for your gardener


DESIGNING, constructing, planting and maintaining continues to be one of the most frequent hobbies for expatriates coming to Spain to retire or sometimes an essential, reluctant activity for those who came to Spain to work full time.

So, what gifts would be welcomed for Christmas?

1. There is a large amount of pruning to do in most Spanish gardens. Good short and long extendable pruners with sharp blades and ergonomic design to reduce the effort required especially of the wrist and elbow joints can make life easier.


2. TerraCottem is an invaluable soil improvement gel and it has saved many a plant during the recent, year-long drought. The product is useful for trees, shrubs, and annual flowering plants, including vegetables.

3. In general mattocks are more convenient tools than forks and spades for most digging, rock moving and weeding jobs on Spanish soils.

4. A book such as ‘Living well from our garden Mediterranean style’ to help understand which garden plants have health benefits.

5. Someone to help prune giant trees whether ancient oaks, pines, olive or carob trees.

6. A wheelbarrow with a bouncy wheel, especially if your garden is terraced and you have steps.

7. A growing table on which to build up a collection of small plants.

8. An unusual plant.

9.‘Your Garden in Spain – From planning to planting to maintenance.’

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