Foot-dragging claims over Calpe land


THE owners of a Calpe property compulsorily purchased in 1999 are asking for €476,000 in compensation.

The present town hall declared in July 2012 that the compulsory purchase order had expired but this was later reversed by an Alicante court. Despite a subsequent appeal against this decision, the council has not pursued further and the owners maintain that the council has deliberately delayed proceedings for more than three-and-a-half years.

The council also occasioned indirect loss by classing the 15,562-square metre plot for public use and not apt for development, the owners objected. The land has been provided with services and should be classified as urban land but instead they cannot obtain a licence for commercial use, they said.


The land was valued at €53,000 for the compulsory purchase although the owners claim that the property is worth €2.4 million. 



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