Are your chlorine readings correct but your pool not clear? Bring us a sample to check

POOL WATER: Is yours not quite as sparkly as it should be?

THIS year we have seen a large number of people coming in to see us, to have their pool water analysed.

The common problem is that their pool does not seem to be as sparkly as it used to be. They are also getting a problem with algae that they cannot shift.

We have found that most of these pools have had a high level of cyanuric acid.


This is caused by the stabiliser that the manufacturers add to make the chlorine from the tablets last longer in the pool. It is not harmful to us but affects the quality of the water and can be rectified by changing the water in your pool for fresh water. The amount of water you need to change depends on the cyanuric reading we get on our test strips.

Normally accepted levels of cyanuric acid are 0-70ppm, so whenever it rises above this amount the chlorine becomes less effective. This results in confusion in that your chlorine levels are reading correctly, but they aren’t working as they should be.

A way to avoid this problem is to run your pool with a salt water chlorinator which produces two types of natural chlorine – hydrochlorus acid and sodium hypochloride. One is very powerful and oxidises all the urea, the other maintains a chlorine level within the pool.

The water is much softer, does not have that chlorine pong and is especially good for people with skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis. The salt content of the pool is 5kgs per cubic metre – similar to that of a human tear.

To check if the cyanuric level is high in your pool bring a small sample of your pool water into the shop and we will check it for you.

To find where we are go to our website – Or call 952 591 053.

We are open Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm There is always easy parking in front of the shop.


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