Spaniards say yes to cannabis legalisation

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MORE than half of the Spanish population is in favour of legalising cannabis consumption, says study.

The investigation, carried out by the Foundation for Aid against Drug Addiction (FAD) revealed that a 52 per cent of Spaniards is supportive of cannabis consumption amongst adults.  

Through 1,456 interviews, the foundation has been able to determine that Spanish citizens treat cannabis in a different way than other illegal drugs. In fact, only a 20 per cent of the interviewees supported the legal consumption of cocaine.


This report was conducted previously in 1999 and 2004. The comparison of data reveals that Spanish population is now more open to cannabis commercialisation than ever before.

“There has been a development around the image of this drug, which could have contributed to an increase of a more cannabis-friendly population,” says the report.

Spaniards still think that drug use is hazardous and placed heroin and cocaine as the most dangerous ones. The report revealed that many citizens link the ruse of substances with the pursuit of new experiences and curiosity but also with personal, social or family problems.

Finally, a 61 per cent of interviewees were in favour of anti-tobacco laws and 15 per cent said these laws should be made stricter.  



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