2014 Christmas Bag Appeal – Help us help the children of Emaus!


NOW in its seventh year, the Christmas Bag Appeal for the children of Emaus, which was established to improve the lives of the children in the EMAÚS children’s shelters by securing products which the children greatly need, it is even more important this year than ever before.

This sort of direct help is essential and Make A Smile, sponsored by The Bed Centre, has confirmed their ongoing commitment to the children’s charity by hoping that people will once again collect vital items that will help make this Christmas a wonderful one for those vulnerable and unfortunate children and also put a smile on the amazingly dedicated carers at Emaus.

The sort of things that they hope people will donate are the practical items which children need to start the new school year, such as new school supplies, underwear, PJs and the older children will also benefit from branded hair products etc as well as items that any child would enjoy and appreciate.


People often put in actual Christmas presents too and the children and carers always appreciate such loving acts of generosity and kindness.

Due to the economic crisis, Make A Smile has been working even harder with fundraising in order to provide food for six of the homes on a weekly basis!

Please go to their Facebook page to see the wonderful progress they have made and all of the other, ongoing projects they are involved with.

Make A Smile is hoping that 2014 will be the best Christmas yet for the children so don’t forget to pop something extra in your shopping bag this year! The appeal is running up to January 5, so please do get involved!

For more information about items to include and drop off points please contact Tony, Lucy or Gemma at The Bed Centre in Calpe on 965 836 814 or on [email protected].




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