Regime relaxed for child killer Breton


JOSE BRETON, convicted of murdering his son and daughter, is serving a 40-year sentence in Villena prison.

A judge recently granted Breton’s request to be de-classified as a first-degree prisoner.  These are considered to be “extremely dangerous” or “manifestly unadapted to prison life” and do not qualify for family visits, phone privileges or sports and recreational activities.

Breton killed six-year-old Ruth and two-year-old Jose in Cordoba in October 2011 during the breakup of his marriage to their mother and was moved to Villena in 2013.


His lawyer appealed against Breton’s classification last November. The request was also forwarded to the Public Prosecution department which did not oppose the change to Breton’s category.

There was insufficient evidence for Breton’s first-degree category, ruled the Villena court that deals exclusively with penitentiary cases. Breton had a “normal” attitude and did not make trouble on his wing. Although he was occasionally hostile towards the prison guards this did not justify the “exceptional” first-degree regime.

In the light of the reports on Breton, he will now be a second degree or “ordinary” prisoner, the judge declared.


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