Suspected cocaine profit launderer arrested


A DUTCH man arrested in Marbella for laundering money for a Belgian cocaine-trafficking group awaits extradition for trial.

The man, who lived in a luxurious urbanisation and masqueraded as a luxury car, watch and diamond dealer, was allegedly the person responsible for laundering profits obtained by the group and financing new shipments.

Belgian police had asked the Guardia Civil to help them track down members of a group that was introducing large amounts of South-American cocaine into Belgium via Amberes and Rotterdam ports.


Once identified, the man was placed under surveillance. After 13 arrests were made in Belgium, including three Hells’ Angels, and searches carried out resulting in confiscation of weapons, stolen motorbikes and €600,000 in cash, a judge issued a European arrest order allowing the Dutch man’s arrest.

Documents were found in his home regarding the case and a stolen yacht docked at Puerto Banus. 


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