Motril mourns Queen Fabiola


AXARQUIA: Belgium’ s former queen Fabiola has died at the age of 86.

The Spanish-born monarch, who became queen in 1960 when she married King Baudoin, had been suffering from an illness since 2009.

Motril’s special story with the couple was translated into a day of official mourning decreed by the town’s council, which took place last Saturday. She died on Friday (December 5) and her funeral was held today (Monday December 8).


The couple’s links with Motril started when the young King Baudouin was flying over Granada’s coast and the sight of Motril’s landscape caught his attention. He insisted on visiting the town and fell in love with it.

The couple bought a summer residence, Villa Astrida, named after the King’s deceased mother and located in Playa Granada. 

Motril did not become a tourist point of reference for other members of the royalty. Instead, it gained two approachable neighbours who often were seen around the town, buying groceries in the market or attending Mass.

The queen was a very popular and beloved person amongst the residents of Motril, according to the town’s Mayor, Luisa Garcia Chamorro.

On July 31, 1993, King Baudouin died of a heart attack in Villa Astrida. Fabiola returned many times to the town, until her retirement from public life in 2013. 


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