Civil War trench restoration in Huercal Overa

A piece of history: Domingo Fernandez and Monica Navarro inside one the trenches soon to be restored.

HUERCAL OVERA’s eight trenches are being restored as part of an initiative to educate people about the Spanish Civil War.

All eight of the trenches were used during the war just before Malaga fell. One of the trenches is located close to the town’s picnic area and the others are located in and around the castle. The trenches will be restored with the replacement of stones, removal of all grass and debris, and repair of the doors. Once restored and made safe for the public, information displays will be installed to educate visitors about the trenches as well as Huercal Overa’s place in the history books. There will be additional information signs placed inside the castle illustrating the area’s past.

The town has called upon the expertise of Pedro Gomez Ballesta, a professor of history. Mayor of Huercal Overa, Domingo Fernandez, visited the trenches with Councillor for Commerce, Monica Navarro, and said: “This action is set to value part of the history of our people and is dated from 1937. This was established through testimonies from our residents who suggest the trenches were used just before the fall of Malaga on February 7 1937 to stop the possible advance. Now residents and visitors will have the opportunity to visit and explore this part of our history, adding another tourist attraction to our town.”



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