Acebuche drug smuggler arrested


OFFICERS from the Guardia Civil detained a person for trying to enter Acebuche prison with 90 grammes of hashish.

The officers arrested 29-year-old LHH, resident of nearby El Ejido, who was visiting an inmate. They located two cylindrical containers on the person, and established quickly that they contained hashish. The arrested person has been transferred to the magistrate along with the case details. This incident followed soon after officers arrested a woman for attempting to smuggle marihuana and pills into the prison by concealing the drugs in an intimate place.

This brings the number of arrests to seven for crimes of this type at Acebuche prison, involving 54 grammes of marihuana, 123 grammes of hashish and 146 pills. The dedicated team at the prison has a range of equipment to prevent prohibited goods and narcotics from entering.



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