Religion responsible for chaos

I’M A CELEBRITY: Should I be shouting ‘get me out of here!’?

STORY of the month for me was the Pakistani suicide bomber who was captured before managing to set off his explosives. Subsequently searched by the authorities, he was discovered to have placed some type of armour around his ‘nether’ regions.

When asked the reason for this unusual piece of equipment, he explained that he wanted to make sure his penis was still intact when he was presented with his 72 virgins in the afterlife! Sums it all up really, doesn’t it? No wonder these people are so easily radicalised. Most of them are complete morons. It actually makes it all even more disturbing and once again raises my issues with the imams and religious leaders of the Islamic hierarchy.

They really have to stop convincing these youngsters of all these wonders that await so-called ‘martyrs’ in the next life – if of course they agree to throw away their existence in this one. If it’s all so wonderful, why do you never see any of them strapping up and blowing themselves to smithereens? (Chance would be a fine thing!) Because they know it’s pure, never to be proven, balderdash, that’s why. I know, I know, I can hear you all saying that other religions also preach of heaven and hell, more teachings never to be proven, but at least these mythical destinations don’t require you to kill as many human beings as possible to achieve your nirvana. Until we all move on from what are all basically primitive superstitions, we will never secure peace and harmony for the human race.


I hasten to add that I am not an atheist; I truly do believe there has to be some incredible force, way beyond our understanding, which is responsible for it all. I also believe the Tao is the only path to enlightenment. Perhaps we will all find ourselves in some sort of paradise after our earthly demise, but I’m in no hurry to find out and certainly have no intention of taking a bunch of victims with me.

It is the religious leaders that are responsible for all the chaos in the world and if hell does indeed exist, then a great many of them are on a one-way ticket, and in my opinion the sooner they embark on the journey, the better.

Girding our loins for the rapidly approaching Flying Curry Circus Christmas party. Delighted to say we now have the highly talented Bobby Alexander in cabaret and have also been promised a visit from Mother Christmas! 689 485 956 is the number to ring. If you can’t make it you can catch it all on Channel Five early in the spring. Have a wonderful week, don’t get too wet! (Where is all that water coming from?)

Oh, by the way, are this year’s Jungle ‘celebrities’ an utterly boring bunch or is it me?

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy

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