Python Gilliam gets Almeria honour

Cordon Press

MONTY PYTHON Terry Gilliam has been awarded a prize in Almeria for his links with the province due to filming of The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.

The director, responsible for films including Brazil and 12 Monkeys, was awarded the honorific Almeria, Land of Cinema prize during the opening ceremony of Almeria’s 13th Almeria en Corto International Short Films Festival.

The director mounted the stage at Almeria’s Maestro Padilla auditorium to receive his prize and declared: “It’s great to be back in Almeria. I was here 27 years ago and it’s an experience I still remember.”


After explaining that the filming, done on locations including Monsul, met a number of problems but was marvellous, magical, tough but finally successful, Gilliam praised the Spanish team he worked with. “Everything that could go wrong did, but they were there to solve it,” he said. 


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