Extreme group banned after fan’s death

Cordon Press

FRENTE Atletico has been banned from Atletico Madrid after the death of a rival team’s fan in an arranged brawl.

The fan organisation has had all official status withdrawn following Sunday’s (November 30) incident.

Atletico Madrid has banned the display of flags, scarves and other Frente-branded items from the Vicente Calderon stadium, but the club admits it is one thing to ban the group, another, outside its power, to disband it.


The club has identified 15 members of the ‘ultra’ extreme fans’ group involved in the brawl with members of Deportivo La Coruña’s own ultras. Of those, seven were members of Atletico Madrid who have now had their membership removed and face a lifetime ban.

And Deportivo La Coruña has decided to close the sections of the stands where their ultra fans gather for the next two home matches.

The idea is to show disapproval of violent fans.

The trouble on Sunday started after fans from La Coruña intent on trouble hired a coach from a different city to avoid police checks.


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