A good newspaper…


I MEANT to send you this observation last week but… work and life (mainly work) got in the way.
I just wanted to tell you, Euro Weekly News looks really good. The amount of local news and forthcoming events, especially last week, was impressive.
I know, getting what’s-on information and blood from stones are often synonymous. Don’t even mention a photo.
I have to say I actually read most of the paper.
Sex and drugs and sausage rolls are all well and good, but local positive news is, for me and I know for the customers at our shop, really important and probably one of, if not the key to a good paper.
Plus it gives a more positive picture to all those visitors and tourists from outside the Costa, who sometimes might well think this must be a coke and hash smugglers’ supermarket, specialising in corruption and kidnapping.
Keep up the good work, remember to smell the flowers now and then, and tell our readers how lovely they are. (The flowers and the readers.)

Regards, Pete Woodall

Woody’s Los Boliches (Malaga)



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