Four suspected food thieves foiled


OFFICERS from the Guardia Civil have arrested four people suspected of stealing a van full of food.

The officers arrested JFO, aged 34, with JDFO, JCQS and JJQS, the three latter all aged 32, after they were caught in a van pulled over by the Guardia Civil.

The four men, all residents of Elche, were caught in the Barranquete neighbourhood of Nijar in Cabo de Gata. Upon searching the van, officers discovered a large amount of food items. When the van occupants were questioned, they each offered different reasons for the presence of the food.


It emerged that the food, worth €500, had been stolen from a refrigerated van in Almeria city, although the business owner had not yet made a complaint by the time the men were discovered with the stolen food.

The four men, along with all details of the case, have been handed over to a court in Almeria.


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