We’re all off to sunny… Uganda

Pal Teravagimov Shutterstock.com

UGANDA is a better holiday destination than the Costas that have made Spain one of the world’s top tourism spots.

At least, it is according to Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni, who has launched a scathing verbal attack on his country’s own tourism board. The outspoken leader said that his country is promoted as having “only some chimpanzees and so on.”

In an opinion piece in the Ugandan New Vision newspaper, the country’s leader said that the Uganda Tourism Promotion Board should be renamed the “tourism suppression board.”


“The biggest problem with tourism is poor promotion,” said the president of the east African nation. “In Europe, people go to the Mediterranean coast. I visited Spain, it is very hot and humid in summer. I think Uganda would be a better destination than some of those destinations.

“We are right on the Equator but because of the high altitude, we have snow-capped mountains, but even when there is no snow, the climate is very mild – very good for the human beings.”


  1. We haven yet forgotten the Rwandan Genocide.
    Rwanda was a lovely place but when they lost 50% of the population the dynamics of the country changed.
    Watch Hotel Rwanda if you don’t know what i am walking about.


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