Lower your heating bills


FOR many people who move to Spain from Northern Europe, one of the most surprising aspects of life here is the need for central heating during the winter months. It can get quite cold, and a hot topic of conversation is ‘how can I keep myself warm?’

Traditionally, central heating options were limited to gas or oil-fired boilers. Now, Solar in Spain is offering a very attractive renewable energy alternative growing in popularity year by year – a wood pellet stove or boiler.

Wood pellet heating is when chippings from a timber mill are compressed into pellet form and used as a source of heating. The pellets replace the need for oil or gas and the heating can be provided by either a stove or a pellet boiler. The main advantages are this type of heating can reduce your running costs by up to 60 per cent, there is no need to store hazardous fuels, and government grants of 50 per cent can be available.


Wood pellet heating is the modern solution to our heating needs, and Solar in Spain offers an enormous range of stylish stoves and boilers for your home.

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  1. Yet more proof of how the green boondoggle has ripped-off the taxpayer in Spain, and all over the world:
    “…government grants of 50 per cent can be available.”
    And you wonder why everyone’s heating costs have risen so much over the last few years. If someone wants to run one of these stoves, let them pay for it; not the taxpayer. Take away the government subsidy and see how many of these stoves you sell.


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