Life-saving brake fluid test forms a vital part of your safety routine


MOST major manufacturers recommend changing brake fluid every 24 months. When did you last have yours changed?

Making sure your brake fluid works correctly is a vital part of your safety, which is important to us at SRS Vehicle Services.

Research has shown that 26.5 per cent of motorists have defective brake fluid, with nearly one in 10 risking their lives every time they drive.


The study also revealed a worrying lack of knowledge among motorists about how brake fluid functions. Brake fluid becomes defective for a variety of reasons which can be explained to you by one of our fully qualified, expert mechanics.

Once boiling point is below 180 degrees Celsius the fluid becomes all but useless, potentially causing sudden and inexplicable brake failure. Changing the fluid is recommended when its boiling point reduces to 200 degrees Celsius.

Using our ultramodern, specialist diagnostic tool we are able to check and provide you with a printout of your brake fluid’s boiling point, allowing you to take action if required, or discuss the findings with our team.

Mike Bewsey, the spokesperson for Cosan lubricants, marketer of Mobil Car Care in Europe, said: “The poor quality of the fluid that controls such a safety-critical vehicle component is alarming, as is the general lack of understanding about how it works.

“Unfortunately, once your brake fluid is contaminated, there is no going back and there is a much greater risk that your fluid will boil. After an accident and once the fluid has cooled again, it will appear to be normal.

Research suggests that the ‘phantom’ nature of brake fluid failure could account for thousands of accidents every year. Whilst it is possible to visually check the fluid level, the quality testing is equally important.

This test is currently being provided free of charge when your car is in for a full service, or for €20 redeemable against the fluid change.

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