Top marks for 10 Alicante schools


TEN schools in Alicante Province have been highlighted as amongst the best in the Valencia Region.

The schools, a mixture of public and private centres, have been recognised based on the results of the latest examinations carried out by all students in the fourth year of primary school education. 

More than 99,000 youngsters took part in the exams in May and whilst the results will not be made public, any parent can request the the test results when choosing a school for their child. However, some teachers said they were not  a true reflection of a school’s progress with those which admit a higher number of pupils with learning disabilities not taken into account in the results.


Top school in Alicante Province was the Medico Pedro Herrero followed by Sagrados Corazones, both private establishments in the centre of Alicante City. 

Madre de Dios de la Salud in Onil was the best rated public school in the province. 


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