Shrien Dewani case close to collapse according to legal expert

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ACCUSED of plotting the murder of his wife Anni Dewani on their honeymoon in South Africa, legal experts are estimating that the Shrien Dewani trial is soon coming to an end due to prosecutors presenting a lousy string of evidence.

According to an article in the Sunday Telegraph, many ‘watchers’ who have observed the case came to the conclusion that there was a lack of sufficient evidence and laws state that if the evidence presented is flimsy, the trial is eligible to be dismissed without the accused having to take the stand.

The prosecution was undermined earlier in the case as they presented evidence in regards to Dewani being bisexual. They brought in a witness , the ‘German Master’, a gay fetish escort that was paid by Dewani. Judge Jeanette Traverso had dismissed the evidence as she believed his sexual orientation was irrelevant and not enough motive for murder.


As well as this, the three key witnesses testifying against Mr Dewani have been found to be unreliable sources.

The first two, taxi driver Zola Tongo and hitman Mziwamadoda Qwabe who were the two found guilty of Anni’s murder, gave statements that were “riddled with inconsistencies” according to South African Law Society chairman, William Booth.

Monde Mbolombo, the hotel receptionist and the third key witness in the trial, also admitted to breaking a sworn oath and lying during a previous case he gave evidence for in exchange for immunity.

During an interview with TheMailOnline, Booth said that ‘The court can look at the credibility of the witnesses – whether their evidence has been so poor it cannot be relied on.

‘Certainly a strong case can be made out that the three main witnesses have given very poor evidence.

The case is allegedly estimated to end this week although Dewani’s lawyers have not yet confirmed that they will be filing an application under section 174 of the Criminal Procedure Act. It would also have to be confirmed by the judge that the prosecution have made an unreliable case against Dewani.




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