Gordon Ramsay’s own Kitchen Nightmare

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KNOWN for his foul language and flip out’s chef Ramsay is known to be one of the more aggressive chef’s in the world of dining. However, he’s not angry because someone has undercooked the scallops for the VIP table in Hell’s Kitchen, it’s because one of his rivals tried to tick him off.


Although he hasn’t named and shamed the perpetrator, Ramsay  spoke up on the Jonathon Ross Show and claimed that he is pretty sure he knows who set up his brand new restaurant, Heddon Street Kitchen, to fail miserably on opening night.

The staff at the restaurant in London’s Mayfair were deflated and devastated as although all 140 tables were booked, only 40 turned up. Ramsay’s jealous rival had booked 100 of those tables so nobody would show up!

The telegraph spoke to Ramsay about the situation and he stated Speaking about the new restaurant, The Telegraph quoted Ramsay as saying: ‘I think there’s all that level of envy. Saturday was our first big day, we had 140 on the books and 100 no show. 

Heddon Street Kitchen is addition number 24 to Ramsays worldwide restaurant empire and number 12 in the UK capital, London.


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