UK jihadists face passport problems

Cordon Press

BRITISH nationals suspected of planning to leave the UK to fight with extremist group ISIS could have their passports confiscated under new laws.

And returning British jihadists could be barred from coming home for two years, or even indefinitely.

Prime Minister David Cameron said that the new anti-terrorism measures will be fast-tracked and introduced to Parliament at the end of this month. Under the new laws, police could temporarily confiscate a passport belonging to an individual if they have “reasonable suspicion” that they intend to travel abroad and engage in acts of terrorism.


The passport could be seized for up to 30 days and could be taken multiple times. The passport holder would also be placed on a ‘no-fly’ list for the duration of the order. Also, British nationals who are already abroad and suspected of engaging in terrorism could face an exclusion order valid for two years. The order is renewable, meaning they may face order after order.

Speaking at the Australian Parliament this week, Mr Cameron said: “Last month this Parliament passed new legislation to tackle foreign fighters. And we will shortly be introducing our own new Counter-Terrorism Bill in the UK. We must work with the overwhelming majority of Muslims who abhor the twisted narrative that has seduced some of our people. We must continue to celebrate Islam as a great world religion of peace.”

The British Government hopes that the new proposals will become law in January 2015.


  1. “We must continue to celebrate Islam as a great world religion of peace.” Aha! They have certainly demonstrated that over the past few years. While the majority of Muslims may well be peace-loving, there are more than enough to challenge that statement.
    These measures should have been fast-tracked months ago when it was first realized that these misguided fools were going to Iraq and Syria. Most certainly do NOT let them back in, that is the most important point.
    Another most important measure must be to remove all these radical clerics from the country as soon as possible, for they are the root of the whole problem in Britain.


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