Off me trolley: You’d have to be not to use them


GOLF is a vital part of everyday life for many on the Costa Blanca, and a passion for David, the owner of Off me Trolley.

Owning a golf trolley takes the pressure from your body, and enables you to enjoy your game even more. David says it can even improve your game by a couple of shots.

Off me Trolley was born a couple of years ago after David discovered a niche in the market for great quality golf trolleys at reasonable prices. David was in the process of ordering new trollies for him and his wife and spotted an opportunity. Within a very short space of time, the trollies were in high demand, with friends and contacts clamouring for one of these high quality devices.


As a keen golfer, David knew what products would be best for the market, and he continues to work closely with the manufacturers to ensure that the trollies evolve while retaining excellent standards of manufacturing, materials and reliability. The trollies are all made from strong lightweight aircraft grade aluminium, which is vital in Spain’s hot sun, which can destroy the plastics on alternative models.

The push golf trolleys come with foot brake, as standard, and a variable height handle, which makes them suitable for all ages and heights.  The battery models come with two 180w tubular motors and the same great features as the push trollies but with additional accessories. The trollies are so simple to put together upon arrival at the course, so you can ready to play in no time at all. Of course the trollies come with guarantees.

The design is simple yet effective and the reliability of the products speaks for itself. However, in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, simply contact David and he will provide practical help or advice. For technical specifications and more information, visit the website detailed below.

Stand out on the golf course and treat yourself to a high quality, great value and stylish golf trolley today. You’ll be glad you did.


Off me Trolley

Tlf: 950 982 027(Spain) / 0800 170 1171 (UK)


Email: [email protected]




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