Gay couple get their revenge on homophobic restaurant

Big Earls

ALTHOUGH reviewed online as a hot spot for gay and lesbian couples, Big Earl’s Bait House and Country Store in Texas is actually quite the opposite.

The rules of the restaurant state: “Welcome to Big Earl’s, where men act like men, women act like ladies, no saggy pants and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.”

Which is exactly what the waitress did after telling couple Colin Dewberry and Kelley Williams: “To put it plainly, we don’t serve fags here.”


The couple were disgusted and decided to get their revenge creatively, using popular review sites TripAdvisor and Yelp to describe the restaurant as a gay bar.

A lot of people in the LGBT community helped them out with reviews reading:

“This is a gay bar. One of the few places for gay fishers. Nice if you’re a man who’s into dating other men.”

“Any kind of gay fantasy is welcome to be explored.”

“The food was just okay but it’s a really nice spot to meet for hookups in the LGBT community! The sign is meant to be ironic, people. ;)”


To make their revenge even sweeter, there are also hints online that the LGBT community in Dallas are planning a group outing to Big Earl’s. But Christina Cheney, the waitress who met the couple and the owner Earl’s daughter, claimed: “We are aware that they are attempting to come out here. We’re ready for them.”


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