Drivers fined for not letting Donald cross

Cordon Press
Donald feels safer on the roads in Disneyland

DRIVERS in Fort Lee, New Jersey, were quite shocked when they received a fine for refusing to stop their cars so that Disney character Donald Duck, for whom you should always stop, could cross the road.

However, this wasn’t any normal Donald Duck, this was actually a policeman dressed as Donald Duck as a decoy to catch those motorists who did not stop.

Although there is no law to state that is an offence not to stop for Disney characters, the US police condemn those that do not stop for pedestrians to allow them to safely cross the road. Therefore, they slapped fines of $230 (€184) on those who could have potentially caused an accident by not stopping for Mr Donald Duck.


One woman had a brilliant reason for why she did not stop; Karen Haigh, one of those who was fined, told Eyewitness News.  “It scared me. I’m a woman. This huge duck scared me.”

Hopefully nobody plans a trip to Disneyland for her any time soon.


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