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WHAT do you look for when you go for a curry? Well, for me it has got to be the surroundings and obviously, the food! For many years I have been eating in the same curry house in Benalmadena Costa, until recently I discovered Korma.

I suppose a lot of people like the convenience of having an average Indian on their doorstep and might be afraid to try somewhere new, especially in these days when they are so expensive! Normally we would have the same dishes: Tarka Dal, Lamb Korma, Peshwari naan, garlic naan with two chapatis, mushroom rice, maybe a Jalfrezi or a Bombay mix grill (it depends on my wife’s mood!). This would normally set me back around €50 or €60. So to try somewhere new and for it not to be good would be a complete waste of money.


Problem solved! Korma in Riviera del Sol has to be one of the best Indian restaurants that I have ever eaten in. The food is outstanding and the prices aren’t bad either. I have to drive from Benalmadena to Riviera but I tell you that it’s well worth it, even with the speed cameras!

They have a home delivery service around the area and even to La Cala and Cabopino. The staff are always smiling and every time I’ve been, they’ve offered me a free pint of draft beer while I waited.  Heaven for me!

But let me get to the food. As I’ve mentioned, I always order the same things but after around the third time visiting I felt brave and decided to order something slightly different. Jogan Rosh? Never heard of it before but what the hell, let’s give it a go! It was absolutely beautiful and that’s something coming from me! The Tarka Dal was the perfect texture: not too watery and the spice was just right. The rice was fresh (I could tell by the mushrooms) and the lamb just melted in my mouth. It was like I had found what I had been looking for all this time.

Even better is that when I stay away from home, they have a new restaurant in El Rosario so they will deliver closer to Marbella for me! What more could you ask for?

So let’s get to the ratings: Food 10 out of 10; Location 8 out of 10; Parking 10 out of 10; Service 9 out of 10; Price 8 out of 10. That’s an average score of 9 out of 10 which is not bad at all.

I recommend this week that everyone take a trip down to see Rauf and his team at Korma and you will never forget that taste – the one you’ve been trying to find for years!

Ben Wickham


Av Polaris, Riviera del Sol, Mijas Costa (By Opencor roundabout)

952 906 628


Edificio yellow Car Local 4, El Rosario, Marbella.

952 836 080


669 162 636.


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