Tinder uses fake profiles to raise awareness of sex trafficking


POPULAR dating app, Tinder, has used fake profiles to raise awareness of human sex trafficking.

The scheme was set up by the Immigration Council of Ireland and advertising agency EightyTwenty, which is based in Dublin.

The profiles originally depict normal girls, then when users swipe to see more of their pictures, they find a gallery of images depicting some of the abuse faced by girls who are subject to human trafficking.


These pictures get worse the more the user looks into the gallery and a lot of photos show women with cuts and bruises, as well as a man holding a woman’s hand behind her back.

The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of human trafficking and to encourage people not to pay for sex.

One of the gallery images carries the statement, “Your options are Left or Right, women forced into prostitution in Ireland have none.”

The advertisement is one of the first featured on Tinder and it will specifically target a relevant audience using its free service.


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