Update: Unofficial vote takes place

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UPDATE :The unofficial referendum on independence for Catalonia recorded 80 per cent of voters in favour.

Although the vote was classed as illegal and will not determine the independence of the region, Catalan politicians hope it will make enough impact to put pressure on Madrid to eventually allow a formal vote.

The vote went ahead despite its dismissal on Tuesday by the Spanish Constitutional Court and one third of Catalonian residents participated. Catalans and foreign residents of the region over the age of 16 were able to cast a vote.


The region’s government chief, Arthur Mas, concluded that a formal referendum must now follow, saying:

“We have earned the right to a referendum.”

As one of the wealthier regions in Spain, Catalonia constitutes a fifth of Spain’s economy, has its own language and particular culture which many believe differs significantly to other regions in Spain.





Original Story:

AN unofficial vote took place this morning by those living in the region of Catalonia to determine whether it should be independent from Spain.

Spain’s Constitutional Court announced at the beginning of last week that the vote should be suspended.

Despite the Spanish government declaring that the vote would be illegal, the Catalan government pushed ahead with the decision.

The movement was inspired by the Scottish referendum of which they were voting whether or not to stay as part of the United Kingdom, which ended up as a no vote for independence.

Thousands of people turned out to vote on their regions future as well as several residents volunteering to man the polling stations.

Although the vote has no impact on Catalonia’s independence, the Catalan political leaders see it as putting pressure on Madrid to act on the proposal.

The voters are being asked if Catalonia be a state? And if so should it be independent? The majority of the population of Catalonia are expected to vote and the results are expected to emerge from Monday morning.


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