Lest we forget


TODAY is a very important day for British people all over the world, as we remember all of the brave fallen soldiers that sacrificed their lives for others, and for their country whilst fighting in war.

A brave Queen was applauded by members of the public at the London parade which took place in Whitehall today. She lead millions of Britons remembering the fallen, despite just days before the event, Counter-Terrorism officers arrested four men that were allegedly targeting Remembrance Day in a terror plot.

The monarch laid the first wreath on the Cenotaph at the service followed by the Prime Minister and other well established politicians such as Nick Clegg and Ed Milliband, members of the Royal family including Prince Charles and William, and war veterans that had all come to pay their respects.


Services were held all over the country this morning to mark 100 years since the First World War, 70 years since D-Day and just weeks after British troops left Afghanistan. A minute silence also took place at 11am across the whole of Britain, and as a sign of respect a minute silence will also be taking place at the beginning of the football matches that are scheduled to play later today.

The service took place in Whitehall, but had a strict and thorough policing plan in place, due to heightened fears of a terror attack.

Armed officers and trained dogs took to the streets to check of any potential terrorist activity planted undergound below covered manholes, that could occur whilst the event was taking place.

The plan came into place after four men were arrested throughout London on Thursday, in connection to Islamist terror plans which were set to occur in the UK on Remembrance Sunday.

The ceramic poppies at the tower of London which were originally used for artwork were due to be removed on Tuesday but due to much protest, their stay has been extended. Families also made their own memorials close to the poppies by hanging crosses on the railings of the Tower of London.


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